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We have heard your needs and evaluated possible solutions. We offer not only the cleanest but also the most efficient and safe facility in the city, our entire yard is paved and organized in the following stages:

  1. We are your top choice for construction and demolition recycling in Calgary
  2. We have 2 scales, one for incoming loads and one for tare at the exit point, maximizing our flow.
  3. Our yard is completely paved for the safety and efficiency of your trucks and employees.
  4. We screen our road loop for nails and metals for your safety, ours and the safety of your and our equipment.
  5. We will give you a drop station number to minimize your time at our facility.

We are currently involved with municipal, provincial and federal government departments on discussions regarding the environmental stewardship of the construction industry and how to promote and create incentives for a greater more responsible participation. We will keep you informed on our progress in your behalf and will ask from your participation as well when necessary.

C & D

Construction & Demolition debris. We are working on reducing the landfill impact by finding ways to recycle drywall, wood and the remaining materials as well.


We take Clean, Mixed and Untreated wood


We recycle 100% of asphalt shingles.


We recycle 100% of vinyl shingles


We are in the process of recycling 100% of drywall.

Cedar Shake

We fully recycle cedar shakes.

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