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Calgary Waste and Recovery Inc.

About Us

Calgary Waste and Recovery Inc. possess all the necessary permits and licenses for the successful operations of our business facilities, ranging from material collection and transportation. Our operations are fully insured with industry standard levels of coverage and liability.

As a member of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, and other professional bodies, our commitment to meeting the applicable standards and laws, is indicative of our mission to deliver exceptional and safe services.

Ethics Mission Statement

Calgary Waste and Recovery Inc. expects and demands that its operations, employees, and Management carry out their business and perform their duties to the highest ethical standards and in compliance with all relevant legal principles. This standard of behaviour and performance is maintained in the company's dealings with employees, customers, suppliers, and all other stakeholders.

As a safety-oriented and ethics based operation, we support an inclusive workplace through our established policies and procedures for:

  • Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Conflict Of interest Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Workplace Respect Policy

Health & Safety

Calgary Waste and Recovery Inc. is committed to providing a health and safety program designed to protect our personnel, our property, the environment, and the public. Everyone is entitled to a safe work environment, free from any hazards that may result in property damage, accidents, or personal injury/illness.

In fulfilling this commitment we strive to:

  • Comply to all municipal, provincial, and federal legislative requirements.
  • Continually assess and control risks that may arise from our work and our activities.
  • Provide effective and timely information, instruction, and training.
  • Enforce safe work practices.
  • Review policies, processes, and procedures for continuous improvement.
  • Maintain a positive culture towards health and safety advocacy through proactive engagement with our employees.

National Safety Code

As members of the Alberta Motor Transportation Association (AMTA) and the Freight Management Association of Canada (FMAC), we abide by the principles of the National Safety Code.

Environmental - Assisting in Sustainable Development

At Calgary Waste and Recovery Inc., we assist in sustaining development by turning todays waste into tomorrows energy. As one of Calgary’s leading waste management facilities, our personnel share our vision of preserving our environment. 

Since 2017, our Shepard facility has set a high standard for waste recycling, using energy efficient equipment and processes for waste management and recovery. We provide Drop Station Numbers to sort like materials which reduces the amount of effort required to recover material for re-use, recycling and recovery.

Calgary Waste and Recovery Inc. is proud to be a member of the following associations:

  • Alberta Motor Transportation Association (AMTA
  • Partners in Compliance (PIC
  • Freight Management Association of Canada (FMAC
  • Calgary Chamber of Commerce (CCC)
  • Recycling Council of Alberta (RCA)
  • Green Calgary
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)